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About Small Appliance Repair

Considering the way small appliances are made, there are three types of small household appliances. Products such as toasters or coffee makers heat something. Products such as food blenders or vacuum cleaners move something. A few appliances, such as hairdryers, do both.

The electrical circuits of all three types of appliances are very similar. Quite often, there will be a power source like a battery, a fuse, a motor and a switch to look at.)

Heating appliances convert electricity into heat Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles. This is done passing electricity through what is called an ‘element.’ An element is a wire that is difficult to pass electricity through, thus turning it bright red and producing heat.

Motor appliances turn electricity into movement. This is done by passing electricity through a magnet which rotates a shaft. The work that needs to be done may be done by a piece of equipment or blade that is found at the end of the shaft. Combination appliances will have both a motor and element running through the electrical circuit in some form.

Many small appliances are powered by 120-volt electricity, so problems that occur in toasters or coffee makers can also occur in vacuum cleaners or hair dryers. This means any user can repair similar problems in different appliances once they have the basic knowledge of how an electric circuit works.

Electrical cords in most small appliances use cord wires of copper strands insulated with heat-resistant plastic. A three strand cord will consist of a live wire, neutral wire and a ground wire to remove excess build up of electricity. The cord ends should have three prong plugs attached.

The first thing to do, regarding testing, is to take the product away from the source of power. You can use a continuity tester or multi meter to make sure it can conduct electricity. Once the tester is attached, move the wires around to ensure there are no circuit breaks. Ensure the quality of the insulation cord is suitable, and if there are any exposed strands replace the cord with one of equivalent rating a gauge.

A continuity tester is used in order to test appliance controls. By placing the clip on the input side and the tester probe on the output side and activating the controller, you can determine whether the control is functioning properly.

Most appliance controls should be replaced rather than repaired. Once you remove the controller from the appliance take the part, along with the appliance model and serial numbers, to an appliance-parts dealer to ensure that the appropriate replacement is found. It may be suitable to see an electronics dealer.

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